Dare to Dance

We offer classes for all ages in various styles with the philosophy that dancing is for everyone, and that it’s never too late to start.  Our studio creates a fun, safe, and friendly environment to learn to dance and socialise. We love new faces and will make you feel at ease from your very first class.
Don’t put it off any longer! take the first steps today and start something truly exciting?
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Find Class information and timetables on the link below.

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Get to know your weekly instructors and see why we have the best people working with us.

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Sign up to our weekly classes or book a drop in class here.

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Find out about our weekly , monthly and yearly events here.


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Wanna learn to dance for free.  Try our free week of classes from 17- 21 April 2023

Be aware, it’s addictive

Go from a complete Beginner to an Intermediate dancer in months instead of years

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